Friday, March 27, 2009

Week of 23-27

Well, it has been several days since I have posted. I wish I could say because we didn't do anything interesting this week and so it was too dull to report. Quite the contrary...this week Landry started baseball and Baylee started cheerleading practice for upcoming tryouts. That added to our already busy schedule of HS baseball and Girls Little Dribblers you can imagine what our days have been like...EXTREMELY HECTIC!!

Monday- Landry had practice at 5:45 and since Bryan is coaching him we left HS practice and headed straight to another baseball practice. After practice we went to Baylee's basketball game where we watched her make a shot! yippee!! After her game the parents had to stay and clean up the gym so, needless to say that was an extremely late night...around 10 or so before we even made it home!

Baylee is #20
Tuesday- Baylee had basketball practice at the same time Landry had baseball practice. So that is how our evening went.
Landry at baseball practice

Wednesday - Cheerleading practice started this afternoon for upcoming tryouts and then we ran over to Sweetwater to eat supper and watch a basketball game. The game was for Bryan's 'adopted son' and after we ate we found out the game had been cancelled so we headed back home for half of a night at home.
Thursday- I was officially named JH Cheerleader Sponsor for the upcoming school year! I know many say that I might be crazy for wanting this, but if you know me at all you know that I love cheerleading! Yes, I know that drama will entail, especially when dealing with JH girls...but I am looking forward to it! (yes...i am crazy!!!)
Checking out magazines for cheerleading know me always shopping for the best deal! And of course it wouldn't have been a normal night without baseball practice & basketball practice...
Friday - We woke up to much cooler temps that fell as the day went on...I am not sure about this weather...yesterday it was 80 and today it was 32 and snowing! Tonight we don't have anything going on and I must admit it made me so excited...we had absolutely no practices this afternoon or evening so we left school at a normal hour and headed home to sit and catch up on this week. So, tonight we have enjoyed just hanging out, so out of the ordinary for us...but nice. We have a pretty uneventful weekend planned and we can't wait!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break 2

Thursday & Friday-
Bryan's mom took our 2 kids and his sister's 3 kids to Abilene for the night to play at Primetime and swim at the hotel. Here they are right before they left...

so sweet...yeah right!

Well with the two of them going away, Bryan and I decided that we needed to go somewhere to, so we decided to go to Lubbock and spend the night. Baylee graciously took a picture of us before we left to go on our spring break trip...

Baylee, Ashlee and Alex Friday morning at Primetime...they had a really good time hanging out at Primetime and the hotel.

When we got home Friday evening Baylee & Landry grabbed the sports equipment and headed outdoors, persuading Bryan and I to join them. While Landry & Bryan practiced on Landry's baseball techniques, I played a couple of games of 'horse' with Baylee.
We have thoroughly enjoyed our spring break and really don't want it to end!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Monday & Tuesday...

For the first 2 days of Spring Break Baylee, Meme, Alyssa & I went to Plano to see Linda (Meme's sister) and her twin girls. We had a terrific time doing things with them and they really showed us a good time.
Linda, Allyson, me, Jacalyn, Baylee & Alyssa at the farm

We went to the coolest indoor swimming pool, complete with water slides, lazy river and a diving of all was the salt water so it didn't turn Baylee's hair green!

A shot of a portion of the inside

What girls only trip would be complete without a little shopping? The gang at Grapevine Mills.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, so what do you do when it is 32 degrees and pouring down rain in March?!? Well...if you are one of our crew you get a rousing game of wiffle ball in the gymnasium! This afternoon, it was so cold and rainy that the baseball guys got done with practice early so then all of the coaches kids went into the gym and Bryan & Coach House had them playing wiffle ball till I got off work. I even joined in and got a home run off of the first pitch House threw at me! It was so much fun and made a neat afternoon when it could have been pretty dreary!

Baylee getting her a hit


Baylee had her first Little Dribbler Basketball game for the season. She played well, she put up a few shots that just barely missed! There is always next time! They did win it was a great night!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well...I still struggle with posting every day on some days. I really have enjoyed the last couple of weeks because they have been a little more laid back but they are picking up and this week will prove that. Baylee has been having basketball practice but because it is down the street at the high school it hasn't been as hectic for me. This week though she has two games on Tuesday and Friday so I will actually be busy attending those. Bryan has a baseball game this afternoon and a double header on Saturday. Landry has baseball tryouts this afternoon and will start practices after spring break next week. So, just as we try to enjoy a couple of weeks relaxing the promise of 'busy'ness always lurks around the corner.

Here is a few pics from last week...

Bryan at the baseball game last Monday afternoon

Landry the official 'Batman' (his title) for the Cardinals...everytime I see him run to get the bats off the field I now hum the Batman theme song in my head...okay and sometimes out loud. Haha!

Saturday night we went to Sweetwater with the House's for supper and to go to Hibbett Sports...this is how Landry dealt with the shopping excursion...he looks comfy, right?!?

What more official way to start spring & summer than with a, I treated myself to one Saturday it is officially flip flop season!

I was awakened @ 2 a.m. this morning to the sound of Landry getting he & I are home today. Judging from the look of the picture he doesn't seem that sick, does he...thank goodness he is feeling much better now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today was an average Sunday, Church, eating lunch with Bry's parents, laundry, laundry, more laundry, scrapbooking, and even more laundry. Laundry seems to be the neverending chore...I got caught up today, but I will have another pile by tomorrow...AUGH! I did manage to snap a few pics of the kids in their 'Sunday best' and so that will be today's pic instead of massive pile of completed laundry.