Sunday, April 26, 2009


Saturday was a busy day, Baylee played in a basketball tournament, had closing ceremonies and Landry had a baseball game. Well, a couple of weeks ago three of my good friends from work and I decided that we needed a girls shopping day...unfortunately yesterday was the only day we squeeze it in. So, Bryan graciously took the kids to all of their activities so that I could go with the 'girls'...poor him, he & my parents spent all day watching games. We had a great day it was Debbie, the business manager, Brenda, the PE teacher, and Heather, the girls basketball coach and myself. We shopped for clothes for next weekends prom and then decided that we would splurge and get a pedicure, I get one pretty often but the other 3 had not ever had they are hooked, and now I am going nowhere else but that place was wonderful! So, my picture from yesterday was the pic of everyone's toes after we got all decorated!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, it has been a couple of days since I last posted. I am happy to report that my cheerleading meeting went well, everyone agreed on a nice uniform and were extremely receptive to what I had to say! I am very relieved...because if you didn't know it before, i AM SCARED of confrontation! And I was a little worried that is how it might end up!
Anyway...on to better things now...last night our baseball game got rained out so we made it up today. So, Landry had a game at 5:30 and Baylee had a game at 7:30...we were a little rushed today!

Landry after a great hit...yea, tonight we got a win!!!

Baylee putting up a beautiful shot...didn't make it though, but great effort!
Baylee guarding one of her best friends...this is the game we had been waiting all season for, the two girls have been going at it all day today about who was going to win...we ended up losing, but baylee played her absolute best game ever!
So, now off to sleep because tomorrow is going to be another very busy day...Baylee has a tournament starting @ 10 and Landry has a game tomorrow afternoon @ 6:30.
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, today has been pretty uneventful...thank goodness!! Of course we still had sporting events, but that is just the norm! High school baseball is over now and after this weekend Baylee's basketball will end also. So, today we just had Landry's baseball, it was HOT!!

Tomorrow I will have my first cheerleading meeting with the parents and girls. I am really excited about this year's squad, I think they will be a really neat group to work with. Tomorrow's meeting will be mainly about the $$ that will be needed for all this 'cheerleading'. I am actually a little nervous because it is expensive and even though I am trying to cut is tough. So, this is today's picture...all of my little blue post its represent a suit, I am having some trouble narrowing it down (if you couldn't tell!!).

Monday, April 20, 2009


So, after getting home at midnight from an extremely hectic weekend, we were all pretty exhausted. This is what Landry looked like on the way home from school this afternoon...
It is early to bed tonight...

Sunday @ the Ranger Game

Sunday we went back for the Rangers afternoon game, this time we got there earlier so the kids would have a better chance at the autographs...and it worked...

Yes, that is THE Josh Hamilton signing Landry's baseball! And below he is signing Landry's Hamilton jersey. He ended up signing 5 caps, 5 baseballs and 5 jerseys for us and the House's. We couldn't have been more excited! Afterward Landry told me that it was the best day ever for him, so that made it all worthwhile!

The boys sitting with all their 'Hamilton' gear now...Landry is proudly showing off his baseball!
Baylee was also able to get one of the new pitchers, Derek Holland #45, to sign her shirt, they had just pulled him up out of AAA the day before. So, hopefully someday he will be a really famous pitcher that we can look back and remember when we met him!

Here is Baylee showing her support with her big finger

We had such a terrific time that we can't wait until we get to go back again (like maybe next month!)

Saturday @ the Ranger Game

Saturday we loaded up and headed out with the House's to the Ranger game. We made it there about an hour and a half before the game so that the kids could try to get autographs during batting practice.

Baylee & Landry armed and ready with a baseball and a sharpie. We didn't end up having any luck...oh well, maybe next time!

Landry and Blaine discussing the game...I guess maybe they were coaching the Rangers...that night they needed the help!!

Down the row...Baylee, Krystin, Landry, Blaine, Brandt, Karie, Bryan and Raymond

Doing the 'wave'

Baylee & Krystin posing for a pic after the game

We had a great night even though the Rangers lost! That was the kids first trip to the Ballpark in Arlington...they loved it!

Friday, April 17, 2009



Here are the girls waiting for the results to go up on the sign...

Here is our name running across the marquee...

Yeah!! She was so excited...2 years in a row!

And we're off, this morning we leave for Dallas for the weekend to go see the Rangers play tonight and tomorrow afternoon! Fun, Fun!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well...tomorrow is a big day in the Ritchey household...
Cheer tryouts!!
There are 6 slots with 9 girls trying out in the Junior High, so we are crossing our fingers that Baylee makes it this year. Here she is practicing just one more time tonight before the big day.


These are just a few pictures from tonight's game...I thought they turned out to be some great action shots and thought I needed to share...

I am not real sure exactly what he was doing, but I think it is cool that he is in mid jump here

Stopping at 2nd

Right after a hit

About to catch the ball

Easter 2009

Easter Egg Hunt @ Mema's

And they're off...Landry, Zachary and Baylee head out the door to hunt eggs...

'Team Baylee' Adrian and Baylee check out Baylee's loot.

This was Landry's loot, imagine that, he ended up with over $11.00 in change, I think he just threw the candy away! Before the hunt Pa showed him the prize egg with all the money in it...that is all you had to show him because the other eggs didn't matter. I think we hid 156 eggs for basically 3 kids to hunt...Zayne got 3 eggs and was satisfied eating the eggs not even the candy inside! It was a great afternoon spending time with family!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a terrific Easter weekend. On Thursday, Landry had an Easter egg hunt before we got out of school for the holiday weekend. It was a little gusty so we moved the egg hunt into the is Landry right as they blew the whistle. He was definetly a man on a mission, he went to the corner of the opposite end and hunted where there was no one.

After the egg hunt, we got out of school at 1:30 so we went home to get ready for Landry's game that afternoon.

He won and had a great game even though the wind blew like 50 mph! Here he is running for first base after a great hit!

On Friday, we went with the House's to Abilene to pick up some off season supplies for football, so of course the families had to tag along! Here is a picture of Karie & Brandt at Chili's...

Baylee picked out the shades as her birthday gift from the House's...So, Karie was the only one that would model for the camera.

On Saturday, Baylee had a basketball game. Here is a shot of her as the free throw went in...Yeah Baylee!! is a picture of the kids before church. Don't they look precious!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes life just happens...

Okay, wow, life happens and before you know it, weeks just fly by! Our lives to say the least have been anything but boring, more like EXTREME HECTIC. For the past three weeks our daily schedule has gone something like this...
6:50 a.m. - head to school
2-4 - HS baseball practice
4-5 - Cheerleading practice
5:30-8 - Baylee basketball practice
5:45-7 - Landry baseball practice
8 - whenever...supper, showers, bed
So, it has seemed like we go non stop all the time, maybe that is a little explanation of why the blog has been lacking...I guess pure and simple I,(actually the whole fam) is just worn out and down for the most part. That's okay, cause some day our lives will slow down dramatically and we will remember all these days when all we did is run...or will we?!? haha!

Never fear...I may have not actually taken a picture everyday, but I have taken them the last week or here is a brief clip of some of our activities.

Baylee at one of her basketball games...she is the one dribbling the ball down

So, KTXS(a newschannel out of Abilene) sent one of their weathermen to come talk to the kids at school about the weather...The guy, Damon Lane, is a cutie...but my kid...she asked him in front of the whole school if he was available! She swore she asked for Alyssa (btw he is available, hint, hint)...what am I going to do with that girl (Baylee)?!?

Saturday, Baylee turned 12, Bryan had to take his PPR test in Abilene that day and Landry had opening ceremonies and a game so Baylee went with Bryan & I and Landry stayed with MeMe & Pa. Baylee picked going to Logan's for lunch, she saw what they did for Landry on his b-day and she wanted to be embarrassed & get the free dessert...well, the didn't sing and she just got the little brownie cup for dessert, she was highly disappointed and won't be going back to Logan's anytime soon! That night after Landry's game, we went to the WTC rodeo, this was Bryan, Baylee & Landry's first time at the rodeo...Bryan & Landry thought it was okay...Baylee hated it, thought it was a form of cruel and unusual punishment and when one of the clowns got hurt she even cried. She says she won't go back, but we will see when she is about 17 or 18...she might just change her mind!

Sunday we celebrated Baylee's b-day, she got money...all she asked for so that she could buy one of the new Nintendo DSi's that came out that day...lucky for us, our dear, sweet, kind cousin Amanda picked it up from Big Spring and brought it to us. Thanks, Amanda!

Andy & Kaleb helping Landry set his up...he used the birthday money he had been saving to buy his.

A shot from Landry's game on Tuesday...he plays pitcher and has drastically improved since last year. Which makes mom happy because baseball is one of my fav sports!

So, tonight we are just relaxing watching the Rangers play on TV... it is one of our nights 'off' which we greatly enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!

Happy Birthday Baylee!!

Twelve short years ago early this morning, we had a little girl...Wow what a difference 12 years make! This was at about 6 months old...

It doesn't seem quite possible that our cute little chunk grew up into a sweet, caring, beautiful young lady!
Today will be a busy day, we are heading to Abilene for Bryan to take his PPR test this afternoon, Baylee and I will do a little shopping and Landry is staying behind with Meme & Pa to go to opening ceremonies and his first game. We will rush back after the test for the I will post more about our past week later!
Have a great weekend!