Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The rest of 2009...

Wow...okay to say it has been a little while is an understatement is way has been a LONG while, so I will try to recap the rest of the year in one semi-short post, here we go................

Well May was a busy month, we went to more Ranger games, the Prom, end of school, and graduation

On to June...the first part of June we started out by going on our annual trip to Vegas with the House's and had SO much fun, a Ritchey family reunion, Baylee got braces, then Baylee, Mom, Steph, Alyssa and myself went to San Antonio to see Wicked, while the girls were having fun the boys met the House's at a Ranger game

July was a little more relaxed we stayed around the house and later in the month us and the House's went to coaching school in Lubbock, we went to Joyland with Bryan's family and the House's, a Davis family reunion, and of course a Ranger game...

August was hectic where Bryan started two-a-days and football officially gets underway, Baylee and I had cheer camp, we got in one more Ranger game, Bryan celebrated his b-day, we celebrated our anniversary, and of course school started, Landry started 3rd grade while Baylee started 7th grade

September is always busy with school, cheerleading, and football all going on, I celebrated my birthday and we moved out to Hermleigh!

October is basically the same thing school, cheerleading, football and then of course unpacking the thousands of boxes that we have accumulated!

November we finished cheerleading and football, our HS football team made it to playoffs for the first time in 31 years boy were we excited!!! We lost the first game but still what an honor to get to go! Then of course there is Thanksgiving, still unpacking and then of course basketball began

December we are in the middle of basketball, Christmas and then a much needed break from school! This year we had a WHITE Christmas complete with ice that changed all of our plans but it ended up being a great Christmas anyway.  Then after Christmas we took the kids to Six Flags for Holiday in the Park, we all had  a great time!

And so here we are now...the end of 2009 it has been a great year and hopefully I will do better this year keeping up with the photo a day for 2010. 

Happy New Year!!!

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Alyssa said...

its about time! lol... and you are already off to a rough start, you havent even posted anything for january, and we are already halfway through it! :)