Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss"ter" HHS

Saturday Night-

The Senior Class out at Hermleigh is raising money for their Sr. trip to Florida, so they had a Miss-'ter' HHS fundraiser. They got the Sr. boys, a couple of Jr.'s and then one of the faculty to dress up like women and participate in a 'pageant' event. Well, I guess you can guess where I am going with this one...Bryan was one of the participants. If you know my husband very well, you know that he is definetly against his son dressing up as a girl...I figured he CERTAINLY wouldn't do it. Little did I know...

Sorry the video quality is not very good, quite frankly I was laughing so hard that I couldn't keep the camera still!

This is the question and answer segment, it is hard to hold that camera still when you are laughing!

This is all the guys performing YMCA while we are waiting for the judges to tally the score. I actually dreaded going in the beginning because we had a busy day with a double header baseball game, but in the end I am really glad I went because it was hilarious! Bryan doesn't have his wig on in this video because they had a shortage of hair and he gave his to someone else...

I feel certain that my husband does not have it in him for cross dressing...he makes a pretty ugly woman!! HaHa!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The last two weeks...

Okay, so I have gotten a little lax in blog entries lately and I am happy to report that the reason why is that our life has gotten a lot less stressful (for a week or two at least). But, never fear we won't stay that way long! We are sort of in a 'dead time' for the moment, baseball has just barely started for Bryan, Landry just finished basketball last night and starts baseball in a week or two, and Baylee finished JH b-ball and has started little dribblers this past week. Even though I haven't been posting, I have still been taking a few pictures. Here are a few of the pics from the days past...
Totally random, but I got a new 'Chi' iron...I had one before but it literally 'exploded' in my I have been using a cheap one from Wal-Mart, I finally got tired of it pulling out all of my hair and so I splurged and bought this one. And...did I mention it is 'pink dazzle'?!? too cute...i remembered why I don't mind spending a pretty penny on one of these babies...they work!!

Another totally random thing...I finally got a treadmill. I had been getting up at 4:45 every morning and walking 2.5 miles outside...well, needless to say when winter hit, I totally slipped up on the walking (it is no fun when it is 25 degrees). So, I decided that I needed one of these bad boys, so, I bought one and am happy to report that so far, I have been using it faithfully. (I hope it lasts...oops, now I don't have any excuses!)

Another one of my new toys...this is what Bryan gave me for Valentine's Day, a Cricut machine. It is used for scrapbooking and many other house projects. Maybe some day I will get a chance to use it!

During football and baseball seasons I bring one of the other coaches' kids home with me in the afternoon. We spend a lot of time outdoors playing football and baseball, tons of fun! This is Blaine and Landry relaxing one afternoon during halftime.

Okay, two is company and three is a crowd...this definetly proves that point. Poor Brandt is upset because someone or a couple of someone's won't play his way during the game. Most days he is stuck playing with me because Blaine and Landry think they are too cool to hang out with him!

One of our 'rousing' games of baseball taking place in the front yard, I get to sit this one out because the neighbor next door decided to join in.

FYI, don't buy wiffle balls at Dollar Tree...they do not stand the test of time (they don't stand more than one smack with a bat).

A few pictures of the last couple of Landry's basketball games. The very last one ended in a tie, so they put 2 more minutes back on the clock and it still ended in a tie!

So, that is sort of a nutshell of some of the happenings in the Ritchey household these last two weeks. Maybe I won't take so long to post next time!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


It's a Birthday Party!

Landry had a great birthday party with family on Sunday. He made quite a haul also, he couldn't wait to count all his money after the party, he had $70 cash and $35 in wal-mart gift cards (which he always makes me include in the cash total!). So I would say his 8th birthday was quite a success!

Cute story about my kiddo...

Landry is an EXTREMELY money savvy kid, he always has a running total of the exact amount of money he is supposed to have, and you can't borrow from him either, even a quarter because he will harp on you until you pay it back. He also is quite a saver, he wants to look around for the better deal on everything and then wants you to pay for it! (that is exactly how he saves money!) Some day he needs to find a job that pays really well and a wife who doesn't want to spend any of it. We were shopping one day and I came across a really good deal at JCPenney's ($1.97 racks on everything!!! fabulous isn't it!) and of course I bought a rather large stack of clothes for the kids and the receipt always tells you how much you saved and on this particular trip I saved like $398.00. I was telling this amount to Bryan and Landry looked at me and told me, "But, you would have saved more if you just stayed at home." Okay, so the kid better enjoy living with mom and dad for a very long time because with an attitude like that, he isn't going to find a wife!


Happy Birthday, Landry!!

(Happy Valentine's Day, Too)

Wow, haven't we changed! It makes mom a little (okay very) sad to see her baby growing up. It seems like just yesterday he was that cute baby at 2 weeks and then I turned around and here we are at 8 years old.

He had a terrific day, he had a basketball game that morning and made a shot (Yea!!) and then we went to Abilene for the day. We took him to Logan's (his choice) where the whole resturant 'Yee-Haw'd' for his birthday (which totally embarrassed him!); he did get a brownie sundae out of the deal though.
Then we headed over to PrimeTime Family Fun Center for the afternoon. We all had fun playing laser tag, watching a 4-d movie, driving Nascar cars, bumper cars, and playing video games. It was a little too cool (34 degrees) to ride the go-carts but maybe we will ride those another time.

He said it was a great birthday and he can't wait to go back to PrimeTime! So, I would say it was a success!


I had done really well on my blog this past week, and then life just happened and I just didn't get it done. So, I have to catch up on all that I have missed the last 3 days.
Landry had a class party with a massive spread of food and sugar...
A picture of the food table, a cake that one of the kids aunt made (it had everyone's name on it), and a picture of Landry enjoying all of these goodies.
Landry and Bryan, of course, had basketball games Friday night. Bryan's team got knocked out of a playoff spot Friday night, but the boys really played hard.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I am typing tonight's blog on my brand new toy...

My brand new mini laptop!!

and the best part is that it is PINK!
I forgot to mention that one of my responsibilities at work is working with a couple of others on the technology at the school. I am in charge of the school website. So the four in the 'technology group' all got these great little laptops in several different colors. Sometimes I feel SO lucky! It is taking a little getting used to, but so far I am really liking it.
Well, I actually have another pic for today...
Landry spent the afternoon working on Valentine cards for his class

He did them all by his self this year, I only assisted on a few names that he was unsure of, he is really growing up!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay, Wednesday has proved to be just another ordinary day, except no basketball! So, I was trying to think about what I could blog when really we didn't have anything exceptional happen today. Well, for Project 365 it doesn't always have to be pictures of what you did that day, it can also be a memory that the particular day envokes. Today is the 11th, it is exactly 5 months ago that Baylee broke her arm. Most everyone knows that she broke both bones in her arm cheerleading at her very first football game. If you know Baylee very well you know that she has ALWAYS wanted to be a cheerleader and this was definetly not in her plans. She was doing a series of back handsprings, which she had done all night, and I guess she landed one wrong because when she got up her arm bent like this...

Not exactly how an arm is supposed to look. But my little girl is an absolute trooper, never shedding a tear...instead she kept smiling through the whole thing!

I don't think she really felt like smiling, but she smiled. She is so tough! We went to the ER in Snyder where they sent us on to Lubbock. When we left Snyder we were told because of the severity of the break she would have to surgery that night. In Lubbock her doctor told us he felt sure that he could set the bones...well, if only to go back in time...needless to say 5 months later her bones have not healed correctly and we still are not 100% sure that we will avoid surgery. Only problem with surgery now is it will be a much more complicated and painful process. We are still hopeful that with each visit to the doctor the arm will heal a little more and surgery will become a faint option.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today was just your average, ordinary day, work and basketball. It was a good day though, work was good and then basketball turned out well. The girls won their last game and the boys won a close game 56-54.

So, for today's pic...

Not a basketball picture!
This little cutie with Landry is the girls basketball coaches' son. He stays with me and the kids during the basketball games and he is too adorable. He definetly keeps us entertained during the many hours we are at practice and games.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A little about me...

Okay, so I realized that through all of this, there are very little pictures of me or things that represent me. So I decided for today's post and picture I would talk a little bit about myself instead of boring everyone with more basketball pictures and stories! So here we go...

As I was working today I thought about my job and what all I do in a day and I decided to document them for my post today. As almost everyone who knows me knows that I worked at Western Texas College for 7 years and then this past summer I was given the opportunity to come out and work at Hermleigh and I jumped at the chance to be with my family. It has been one of the best moves I could have made because I am always there for the kids or Bryan.

So here is a brief glimpse of my day...

My computer, I can not live without it and it is how the majority of my day is spent. Also, my office is not neat, I am a 'heavy' drinker (notice the two cups), and I have some kind of weird obsession with post it notes!

This was today's project, the AEIS (Academic Excellence Indicator System) Report booklets...Fun, Fun!The mail, another project, although this one is daily. The mail is delivered to my office and I sort through it and then take it to the teacher's workroom where I then distribute it. Luckily, today was a light mail day, usually Monday's are 2 bins worth. YEA!

Another daily project of mine is these wonderful little sheets of paper, they are my lunch counts. I keep track of how many kids eat in the cafeteria everyday, their lunch account balances and lunch tickets. This project alone takes a good 2-3 hours of my day.

Finally, one of my favorite things in my office is my cardinal cookie jar (it is actually Bryan's, a gift from his dad) but I keep it in my office loaded with candy. This keeps the teachers coming in my office pretty often throughout the day and it encourages 3 very special visitors that come in to raid my jar every chance they get! That is what makes work fun for me so that it doesn't always feel like work!

Finally, this wouldn't be a post if I didn't include at least one basketball picture...after all, tonight was Baylee's last game of the Junior High season. So, a pic from tonight's game...we WON!! Only our second win of the JH season.

That is my baby, #11, shooting the ball, it didn't make it, but look at that form...IMPRESSIVE! There must have been something wrong with the ball, the basket or something, because it looked good to us!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An early birthday party...

Next Saturday is Landry's actual birthday (yes, Valentine's Day). Nana and Papa John are going to be gone next weekend so we celebrated with them today. Nana made a birthday dinner and some cupcakes. He also got his Valentine's present a little early...

Happy early birthday, Landry...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Okay...late again?!!?

I thought when I started this blog, no big deal I will just post every night what all we did that day and so it will really help with my project 365. I guess I forgot that I don't always have the luxury of having more than a minute at home, so how did I think I could keep this up?!? So, since it has been a week and 2 days since I last posted, I will just do a rundown of things we accomplished this last week... much of this, we had 8 games this last week alone, 5 in Trent, Baylee had 4, Bryan had 2, and Landry had 2. So here is a picture from a few of those...

Bryan's varsity boys playing against Roby. We didn't win, but the boys played a great game. (Bryan is standing at the back against the wall)

Landry about to put up a shot

Baylee running down the court

Baylee shooting a free throw

Okay, after looking through my pictures I decided that all we really did this week was basketball. I would love to think that this season is almost over and I will be done with all of the basketball and running around that goes with it...but, it is not so. Baylee's junior high season will be over after Monday night, and unless Bryan's boys win on Friday their season will be over then, and Landry has a two more weeks. So, it would only make sense that our lives would get seemingly easier...NOT! Baylee starts little dribblers in the next week or so, Bryan starts high school baseball as soon as basketball ends, and Landry starts baseball at the end of the month that will run until the end of May. So, I guess we won't be done running until the summer! On an ending note, if you haven't noticed, I am the only one that is not 'involved' with I thought I would show my contribution to the whole season, this is what i look like on any given day pretty much at any given time.

Behind the wheel, driving someone to practice or a game