Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, it has been a couple of days since I last posted. I am happy to report that my cheerleading meeting went well, everyone agreed on a nice uniform and were extremely receptive to what I had to say! I am very relieved...because if you didn't know it before, i AM SCARED of confrontation! And I was a little worried that is how it might end up!
Anyway...on to better things now...last night our baseball game got rained out so we made it up today. So, Landry had a game at 5:30 and Baylee had a game at 7:30...we were a little rushed today!

Landry after a great hit...yea, tonight we got a win!!!

Baylee putting up a beautiful shot...didn't make it though, but great effort!
Baylee guarding one of her best friends...this is the game we had been waiting all season for, the two girls have been going at it all day today about who was going to win...we ended up losing, but baylee played her absolute best game ever!
So, now off to sleep because tomorrow is going to be another very busy day...Baylee has a tournament starting @ 10 and Landry has a game tomorrow afternoon @ 6:30.
Have a great weekend!!

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