Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, today has been pretty uneventful...thank goodness!! Of course we still had sporting events, but that is just the norm! High school baseball is over now and after this weekend Baylee's basketball will end also. So, today we just had Landry's baseball, it was HOT!!

Tomorrow I will have my first cheerleading meeting with the parents and girls. I am really excited about this year's squad, I think they will be a really neat group to work with. Tomorrow's meeting will be mainly about the $$ that will be needed for all this 'cheerleading'. I am actually a little nervous because it is expensive and even though I am trying to cut is tough. So, this is today's picture...all of my little blue post its represent a suit, I am having some trouble narrowing it down (if you couldn't tell!!).

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thezalmans said...

Just remember...the uniform needs to be easy to remove at an emergency room! We will HOPE that nothing like that any of the girls!