Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday @ the Ranger Game

Sunday we went back for the Rangers afternoon game, this time we got there earlier so the kids would have a better chance at the autographs...and it worked...

Yes, that is THE Josh Hamilton signing Landry's baseball! And below he is signing Landry's Hamilton jersey. He ended up signing 5 caps, 5 baseballs and 5 jerseys for us and the House's. We couldn't have been more excited! Afterward Landry told me that it was the best day ever for him, so that made it all worthwhile!

The boys sitting with all their 'Hamilton' gear now...Landry is proudly showing off his baseball!
Baylee was also able to get one of the new pitchers, Derek Holland #45, to sign her shirt, they had just pulled him up out of AAA the day before. So, hopefully someday he will be a really famous pitcher that we can look back and remember when we met him!

Here is Baylee showing her support with her big finger

We had such a terrific time that we can't wait until we get to go back again (like maybe next month!)

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